Management Team

Duke Street Bio has an experienced and proven management team with an exceptional track record of delivering clinical molecules across therapeutic areas.

Dr Alan Wise Duke St Bio

Peter Trill


Dr Alan Wise Duke St Bio

Dr Alan Wise

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Phil Cowley Duke St Bio

Dr Phill Cowley

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Barry McGuinness Duke St Bio

Dr Barry McGuinness

Chief Operating Officer

Donal Landers CMO

Dr Dónal Landers

Chief Medical Officer

Jeff Thompson

Dr Jeff Thompson

Head of Clinical Operations

Scientific Advisors

Duke Street Bio draws on the expertise and experience of its Scientific Advisory Board comprised of an extensive network of internationally-renowned scientists, physicians and key opinion leaders 

Elliott Sigal

Dr Elliott Sigal

Senior Advisor, New Enterprise Associates;​
Co-Chair SAB, Amgen;​
former CSO, Bristol Myers Squibb​

Jason Luke

Prof Jason Luke

Director, Immunotherapy and Drug Development Center, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and University of Pittsburgh​

Timothy Yap

Prof Timothy Yap

Medical Director,
Institute for Applied Cancer Science,
University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jennifer Guerriero

Dr Jennifer Guerriero

Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center,​
Brigham and Women’s Hospital​​,
Harvard Medical School

Ronan O’Hagan

Prof Ruth Plummer

Professor of Experimental
Cancer Medicine,
University of Newcastle

Chris Hill

Dr Christopher Hill

former Vice President,
Head of Global Chemistry, MSD

Iain McNeish

Prof Iain McNeish

Professor of Oncology,
Imperial College London

Nicola Curtin

Prof Nicola Curtin

Professor of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics,
Newcastle University

Ronan O’Hagan

Dr Ronan O'Hagan

CSO, Apricity Health;
former Executive Director, Oncology Discovery, MSD

Jason Matthews

Prof Jason Matthews

Professor, Department of Nutrition
University of Oslo, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicoloty
University of Toronto

Rob Williams

Dr Rob Williams

Chief Drug Development​
Scientist, CRUK​

Stefan Symeonides

Dr Stefan Symeonides

CRUK Edinburgh Centre,
MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine,
University of Edinburgh

Diego Oyarzun

Dr Diego Oyarzun

University of Edinburgh

Dr Geert Maertens

Dr Geert Maertens

Co-Founder and former
Chief Scientific Officer,

Delivering life-saving cancer treatments to improve patient outcomes.

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